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Predictions On SEO And Medical Websites

Staying ahead of changes that happen in the world of online marketing is a large part of success, when working with medical practices and plastic surgeons. Many practices have fallen over 18 months to Google’s major algorithm updates. Plastic Surgeons websites have jumped up in rankings, which for the other competitor’s sites are penalized. Having top-notch content for your medical professional’s sites is very important.

Having A Non Responsive Medical Site

Google has tested results for mobile users, and studies show that mobile visitors are likely to revisit mobile-friendly sites. Sixty seven percent of users are more likely to buy from a mobile friendly experience and then about sixty one percent are likely to leave a site that is not mobile friendly. If you are, a plastic surgery websites does not respond very well you will lose your ranking and patients.

Brand Mentions Across Social Media 

The quality of links will continue to grow every day, if you do not know what link building is, here are a few things you l should about the different channels.

#1. Many people go out to contact link builders, most companies have website overseas, and these sites have tens of thousands of websites. Most sites are related to gambling or other non-related topics that do not even go with a plastic surgeon.

#2. Produce top-notch content for you medical and do your best to make it published all over. The more popular your practice is the more it has going to be on Google.

For more information about predictions on SEO and medical websites, contact  Windy City Strategies. 


Finding Your Medical Practice Listings

People do not use phone books much often nowadays they use the internet. People can quickly find everything they need about your business on the computer or mobile device. This is the primary way for people to find businesses today and it is very important that your medical practice is listed on all applicable online sources.

Claiming your listings for your business online verifies that you are the main owner of a valid business and this shows your presence on the internet. Search engines like Google and Yahoo rely on the third party data providers for all business listings. When claiming your business, this is a precaution so no one can misrepresent your business with false information. The following list of search engines are most recommended and popular directories.

  • Google my business- Receives about 6 million searches a day and it is easy, free to register for your business.
  • Yahoo- This is the third most popular search engine and you can list your business on here for free.
  • Bing- Second most search engine used, it too is free, and easy to use. You can add more than one business location at the same time, and able to add all other content to your listings, such as pictures and videos.
  • Angie’s List- This site is a well-respected online directory and is known to provide accurate reliable reviews for users.
  • Manta- Receives 30 million visitors a month and able to increase website traffic with paid business packages and highlight your product/brand on your profile.
  • Yelp- Best options on the internet for users to find reviews about businesses, this is a site your able to communicate to your customers within the account.
  • Foursquare- With this site, you get benefits of a popular directory and social networking, and you are able to add a map so people can check-in when they come to your business.

These are your listings, and your able to monitor every activity and performance, this is a great way for you to keep an eye on which site is viewed more by your users.

Important content to add to your listings would consist of name, address, phone number to reach your business and any other important content that you feel is important to show to your users. For example, provide keywords that described your business and include key services you provide. Complete all fields for your business information such as hours and services offered. Take advantage of photography!

For more information about how to add your medical practice to listings contact Windy City Strategies. 


Healthcare Marketers

In 2015 the medical cost has increased by 6.8%. Reports have shown that part consumers who have postponed non-essential procedures or treatments is the reason for that increase.

Healthcare marketers take notes on how the recession of a consumer preferences and on buying decisions. The media plays a big part in the strategy of moving forward, and this allows healthcare marketers to start conversations, and control the message. They earn media efforts, and get paid for the content marketing efforts.

Affordable Care Act in 2015 will tie up physicians payments for the quality of care they are providing. This is putting a huge emphasis on value over volume. When the physicians see their payments modified, those who provide higher value will care to receive higher payments. Over the past several years healthcare plans and their providers have tailored messaging to individual consumers and that increase the content marketing.

In 2014 a survey said in 2015, marketing companies have earmarked nearly a quarter for marketing budgets and content development/management. Marketers are looking to build some sort of relationship with there consumers on content platform experiences.

There are 27 states offering federally facilitated and 14 states for state-based marketplaces. 7 for state partnership, and then 3 for federally supported marketplaces. This is creating relevant content targeted demographically and geographically. Marketers will help plans and providers build and sustain long term relationships with targeted audiences.

For more information about your healthcare marketing contact Windy City Strategies.