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Having A Responsive Design For Your Medical Practice

If a client approaches you with a challenge to develop and design a website for them, they and they ask if it should be mobile or responsive. There are so many platforms that a client could use, but here is a better way to understand it all.

What To Look For

Do you know what the fastest way is to see a responsive design? Pull up any site you wish and re-size your browser window. Did you see what happened? If the website is responding you will see it set up in any way you use it. It’s very convenient, and accommodating.

Platform Customization

Re-arranging and Re-sizing is one thing, but there’s way more to having a responsive design than that. When beginning on a project, designers create at least three different unique versions, one for a desktop, mobile and tablet. It’s all one site but each one is being responsive.


You want to expand and brand experience and feelings associated with the website to remain original, but you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider how they are taking in the same information. For example, if you hear the saying “one eye, one thumb” that relates to if you are on a mobile device or on the go. Means for your site that consumers have less attention to give to your site and just want to get to the point. A mobile version of your site will be more straight forward and give them what they need.

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Increasing Conversations When Using Google Analytics

A way to help improve your marketing is to track and see how customers are converting on your site. Conversations show you the path your customers take on your site. They are broken into four sections. Here are few things you should known.

  • Goal Completions- Number of conversions
  • Goal Value- Produced by the number of conversions on your site. Calculate by multiplying number of conversion goals by the value that was assigned.
  • Goal Conversion Rate- Total amount of individual number of conversions rate.
  • Total Abandonment Rate- Goals are abandoned
  • Assisted Conversions- Conversions of this channel appeared on the path, but is not the final interaction.
  • Assisted Conversion Value- Conversions that are assisted by the channel

Goals Overview

This can give you a quick summary of the total number of goal completions made from your site. Able to view the pages where the goals were made and then link to see where the converting originates from.

  • Goal URL’s– The URL’s report shows the links on your site where users convert. When you use destination goal, the URL users can land on once the goal has been completed. For example as a thank you and confirming your page.
  • Reverse Goal Path– This reports displays four steps in goal completion journey. Shows a popular pathway people take, and how to complete a goal. For example, most people only go through at least three pages at most. If so you want to also shorten other pathways going through your site it gets people to goal faster.

Ecommerce Overview

To sell products through your ecommerce shopping system, this will give you insights to your shoppers’ journey. You must set up the tracking in order to use the reports. These reports summarizes the conversion rates, transactions, and average order total.

  • Product Performance– Unique purchases, product revenue, and quantity.
  • Sales Performance- Total revenue, conversion rate, and total average of order value.
  • Transactions- Quantity, shipping, and tax of all items for each transaction

Multi-Channel Overview

This reports give you a summary for each channel that drives visitors to your site. Google Analytics attributes conversions to the last referral that brought a visitor to your site to make a conversion. Multi-Channel reports, you will discover not just one type of marketing that can help your business but all different types.

For more information about how to increase your conversions for Google analytics contact Windy City Strategies for more details.


Patients Demanding To Hear From Their Providers

Patients all over are getting frustrated when their doctor doesn’t answer them. Studies have shown from the Health Data Management, a number of patients are emailing directly to their physicians and those have tripled. Research also shows that 93 percent of respondents would prefer to have email communications with their doctors and only a quarter of them respond.

Their is a new option now for patients and doctors to communicate better with one another. Their is an online portal that provides a easy access for patients. Its another type of communication without giving headaches and having unhappy people. This keeps the patients happy and healthy. Portals have increased the satisfaction, health and has reduced phone tags and emails.

No more having an email, call to get the answers you need, or looking at the frequently asked questions and answer. Practices are now able to send test results to the portal. If patients don’t know how to register educate them and have them take advantage of these new services that are available for them. Practices should explain benefits and provide instructions on how to use it, and it will pay off.

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Doctor’s And Nurses Making Rounds

When possible doctor’s make a point to round with nurses to visit their patients. Doctor’s rely heavily on the nurses to be their eyes and ears when they aren’t by their bedside. They need to do self-reports from bladder habits, bowel moments, pain control to any early signs of infections.

It’s very important for nurses to record all details as possible, because sometimes it’s hard for a patient to remember certain things. For example if i patient is asking for pain medicine every two hours and that isn’t written down or the doctor is being told, something else could be wrong. Nurses need to make sure that every time they go in to check on that patient that things get recorded in the electronic medical record.

Some may think that coordinating nursing rounds with medical rounds could be a nightmare, but if you have patients scattered through the floors of the hospital things make it more difficult. Here are few ways to overcome this.

1. Nursing Sign Out When Changing Shifts

Don’t disrupt them, but simply ask for clarification or offer it at key points during the presentation.

2. Doing Your Rounds When Medicine Is Delivered

Most likely you will run into a nurse in the patients room when it’s time to give them their medications, this is great so if you have questions for the nurse you can ask them.

3. Communication When A Change Occurs

Explain the reason if a series of tests need to be done or if a change in medication changes dramatically. When keeping each other informed about things, it makes great for the future. Setting good guidelines will help spark the interest in joining you for regular rounds.

4. Have the nurses round with you

If your schedule is busy and you can’t join their change of shift, maybe have them go with you on your medical rounds. Talk things through and set careful goals when making these rounds, so your not doubling them.

For more information about how to mange your rounds contact Windy City Strategies.

Vet Check-Up

Taking The Digital Leap For A Medical Physician

With 2015 just around the corner, new federal regulations are forcing many healthcare practices to go digital. They struggle to find their footing in the digital arena, and they are going to face high costs and risk of penalties. Which is understandable when you switch to a digital future for your business.

High Costs

With 2015 Medicare starting they withhold 1% of payments from providers who do not use electronic health records. When they fail to follow the enrollment in the federal program they lose another 1.5%. Next fall the American Medical Association estimates the cost for a small practice $56,639 and $226,105 to implement.

Risk Penalties 

Practices are overwhelmed by impending payments and fear the risk of medical errors. Having decrease in staff productivity may cause the use of complicated technology. Other practices wonder if their staff and the new computer systems will be ready in time for them to use and get adapted to.

Early this year Oxford Economics and SAP conducted a global study of about 54,000 employees that found that medical workers are concerned about the new technology that will cause their position to change or make them “obsolete.”

For more information about how to take a digital leap for your medical practice contact Windy City Strategies. 


How To Avoid Duplicate Content

When creating your medical practice website you want to appeal to both search engine and then the human user itself. Which is one of the best ways to earn a high page-rank and up the traffic to your website.

When adding original content or removing duplicate content which is called a dupe, is a way to please both sides. With Google and Search Engine Optimization recommends is to provide engaging and quality information to provide to your website. They advise to also remove anything that is a duplicate.

A Dupe is content that is repeated across multiple pages on your site or on others. You talk about a certain topic on your site, and you then “borrow” information from someone else’s site and then add it to yours, Google will then say your site has a dupe. If Google finds a dupe on your site you will suffer and possibly be taken off the search engine.

For more information about how to avoid duplication content contact Windy City Strategies. 

Build hospital

Targeting Demographics For Your Medical Marketing

Define Display Advertising? Display advertisements are banner ads that can appear throughout websites. When going to new sites or your favorite you see advertisements placed all over on the page. Which is called remarketing advertisements.

Here are a few target display ads for certain audiences:

Website Content: Say you’re reading an article about dental equipment. The advertising software will then place ads from websites to sell just dental equipment on that particular page.

Geographic Location:  You can put ads on a geographic location, that can target an area near your practice.

Gender: Data is taken upon the gender of the user and everything appeals more to males than to women. For example, if you go to a site that shows how to take apart an engine the ads on that site well be directed towards men.

Medical marketing and display advertisements once you combined them into one, you can set-up a target demographic. Doing this you will limit the ads that can be shown, and it’s important to make sure clicks don’t get wasted, (because you pay for every time that someone clicks on that link or page.)

For more information about how to target your medical marketing practice, contact Windy City Strategies. 


Medical Business Plan

A business plan is not a requirement, but it is a good time to have. With a medical business plan it focuses on setting the goals for a growing practice and sets goals. For a growing practice it consists of human resources, finances, physical location and information technology.

Step 1:

Review skills that your existing staff has and then evaluate their skills fall short of that your practice needs and then for future staffing needs. Add developing strategies to your existing plan and also hire new employees.

Step 2:

Figure out how much space your business is going to need. Based upon how many patients come into your office, you want to evaluate your office location and equipment. Look to see if your office is easy to get to and most convenient. Make sure you have the equipment that can meet patients needs.

Step 3:

Make a spreadsheet for your business financial needs. Entails on how much you intend on paying for your equipment for the business, and how you are paying for your staff, and for your business location. Determine how much money you are going to need for your maintenance and growth options for business, when it’s to time to expand.

Step 4:

Many businesses in today’s society’s use a electronic health records. Keeps things in a much organized matter and less of a hassle to recover paperwork if lost, and with newer technology now a day’s everything is on the computer. Make sure you have the best equipment to keep all patients files on a computer and have an online storage.

Plan to implement and upgrade information technology. According to Lucash, electronic health records are on the way to being a mandate, so medical businesses should start planning for this now. Plan the equipment you need or approach your hospital to see if you can partner with it to move your health records to an electronic format. If you have to invest in equipment or staff to implement this, include the cost in your finances. Lucash advises to specifically make a plan for electronic health records implementation, so it can be in place in the next one to three years.

For more information about how to make a medical business plan contact Winy City Strategies.