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How To Maximize Your Medical Marketing

How to establish a marketing strategy for your practice. Investing in a plan can often cause assumptions that can effect, but what to extent? Here are few tips on how to maximize your medical marketing.

Target Audience

It’s very important to have knowledge of your practice’s main demographic, this is so you have a more focused approach. See who contacts you and looks at your site for information about your practice. Which audience do you want to attract? Do you want to attract young clients or older clients or both?

Collecting Data

Collecting data is a key factor for a marketing process. It’s beneficial to understand what’s attractive or used by your patients. See what is most frequent and most clicked icons are on your website.

Breaking The Seal

One way to break the ice with your practice is by sharing the differences of your practice against the other physicians  to the public. Show them what you have and what the others do not have. Build some trust with patients and create a safe and personable practice. Once you build a good reputation you will have more clients coming to your practice.

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Benefits Of Email Marketing

To ensure success with your business, a good way to market your company would be known as email marketing. Here are some benefits that you can use through email marketing to patients.

1. Maintaining Awareness

With email marketing, you are able to create a brand name awareness, about your medical practice. Having this will increase the likelihood that your practice will be the first one that email recipients will turn to when they need your service.

2. Customer Loyalty

Starting out your message with an “I care” will be a great way to promote your marketing campaign. Let them known your concern for them will extend beyond the appointment. If you show appreciation they will be coming back to you.

3. Referrals

One part of having an email marketing would be to included a “Send to a friend” button. You are able to share the information to others as a result in getting new clients. Having this feature and explaining different options about what you have to offer, gives yourself a good lead if patients refer them to you or vise verse.

4. Keeping You Ahead

You are always going to have competition no matter where you go. If you have a email marketing you are already ahead of the game and ready to go.


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How To Build Your Reputation in 30 Seconds

Every doctor needs a personal brand and that is shaped by the message that is crafted and presented. Five key things to add to your reputation-builder, which would be to build a positive image, connects you with people quickly, and share values. Benefit and have some opportunities and of course having referrals.

How to sell yourself without self-promoting

1. Why should someone care? 

Having all communicating value, benefit or resource to the audience. You want to understand their needs and wants. They want to know what’s meaningful to them and what they can benefit out of it.

2. Why are you better and different from the rest?

Providing why you are different from the rest and when you provide a more better explanation you can sell yourself off pretty quick to grab their attention. What’s your sales proposition?

3. Language

When using your words you want things to be engaging, clear, strong and memorable. Make sure things are in order and able to follow through clear to make sure the reader understands what you are saying.

4. Focus

Stick to one primary idea, don’t go all over the place. It tends to lead to a misunderstanding and a lot of questions.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect but nobody is prefect at anything. Test, revise and practice.


Giving the time and effort to create, practice and present your message spontaneously it will make the lasting impression on somebody. Be clear, concise and memorable on the message you are trying to give.

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How To Promote And Market Your Medical Practice

Worried about not having enough patients? Or nightmares that recur because you fear that one day you’ll walk in to the office and schedule will be bare? Or are you a new clinic struggling to boost up your daily routine? Here is how to promote and market your medical practice.

  1. Professional website and a well written blog are number one best to have for your Medical Practice. Along with having an active Facebook and Twitter account to handle your business. Social Media is a big strategy to have, if you post things to your Facebook or on google at least 10 posts per week you aim high for all the amounts you post to Twitter.

  2. Be as active in your community as possible. Go to the county fairs and sporting events to present your clinic and show you business off. Make it a fun time and get customers to interact.

  3. Donate to charity for physical or cosmetic service.

  4. Invite the whole community for an open house, serve them with refreshments and raffles/prizes.

  5. Make yourself available to local and national news centers and alost online and print publications to comment on current health problems. Become the expert.

  6. Increasing the satisfaction of customer service from H.E.A.R.T

  7. Sending a thank you card to patients that are new to your office.

  8. Send out emails to remind them on their annual check ups.

  9. Give out care packages to patients that come into your office so they have all information about your business.

  10. Get involved with the local chamber and host lunch to learn about the local.


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How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Medical Practice

Facebook provides a fantastic opportunity in connecting and providing value to local community members who could be potential clients in the near future. Now a days everyone is on Facebook, and when patients are asked “How did you hear about us?” They would typically say on Facebook or someone referred them to you. Here are 3 ways to help promote your medical practice.

Story Time

Facebook Pages require content. What better content than to tell a story about your medical practice? Featuring  your employees and giving a brief description about what they do. Write about some local events or health news to help promote. By posting sources and news about other health and events people will start to come to you for medical assistance as well.

Talking To Your Fans

Potential clients want to know what goes on with your medical practice and the office. Give them updates on things like when the office will be close? Any vacations coming up? Or even if your closed for the holidays. Don’t let them hang and wait around for an answer. You could have the chance at losing a potential client. Communication with your fans is very important to do, they can see how reliable you are and you are their to answer any kind of questions.

How To Engage Other Pages

Being in the medical field, it makes sense to start having some pages that you “like” to build up a referral network that can benefit everyone involved. When having a good referral network it gives your medical practice a better chance at getting more patients. For example the Farmer’s market would be a great page to “like” because they would be a solid resource for a healthy diet. Along with Everyday Health, it’s a page that explains health and wellness.

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What Medical Professionals Should Have On Their Site

Being a medical professional, website designs have changed dramatically. In today’s society 25% of patients look up reviews on a doctor and 75% of people use the internet to do research on them. Now the question you have to ask yourself is, does your practice have a web site and if it is up to date? One way to keep up to date with your site is look up other medical professional sites and see how they connect with their patients and communicate their brand.

Having a Responsive Site:

Having a responsive web design is being able to view your site on different screen sizes and resolutions. You want to ensure that when a patient opens and views your site from any device that it opens smoothly. If things look all jumbled, no one is going to stay on the site for long. If your site is not adapting you have the chance at losing a potential patient, which is not good for business.

Simple Design:

When you create a site that has simplicity, it allows your website to tell a better story about what your practice is and what the mission behind it is. Having a crisp typeface and images to show your information about your site draws patients in. You want to utilize all space on your page, and insure to also de-clutter information. Have it straight forward and give it a professional touch.

Effective navigation:

Search functions allows a user to find a piece of information through your site. There is even a choice for patients to have the ability to search specifically through topics such as doctors, services and more. If the search bar follows the patient throughout the site it gives them a better chance to go back to the beginning instead of restarting their search.


Some patients find it hard to trust a physicians judgement and advice. They like seeing and hearing feed back from other patients. Hearing about the experience and opinions from the patients themselves will give them a better feel on what to expect. First time patients more likely listen to peers at first, before they decide to go in. Those are your best ambassadors. Having references is a free marketing tool to communication your practice and brand to anyone that visits your site.

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