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How A Healthcare Practice Can Succeed Online

No matter if you are a plastic surgeon, chiropractor, dermatologist, or any type of dentist, it is important to make sure you are being found online if you have a website. More and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to research a company and you want to make sure you are being found when people are searching you. When done correctly, medical marketing can effectively improve the number of patients visiting your website and build your brand reputation. With the help of our carefully strategized approaches, Windy City Strategies’ Internet marketing specialists can help you achieve this goal.

Some ways to increase traffic on your website are to make sure you have the right online marketing campaigns to drive up the number of people seeing your company name. In order to have a successful online medical marketing campaign, it is important to continue (or start) writing blogs, articles, newsletters, etc. This will allow patients to see your name and may end up being a potential client if they click on one of the links attached within each blog or article.

We encourage our clients to have well-written, original content on their websites. It will allow you to stand out not only from your competitors, but in the eyes of Google as well.  If you and 20 other orthodontist websites all have the same content, the odds of you ending up on the first or even second page are slim to none. The more content you have available, the higher your chances are of being ranked higher within the first few pages of Google.

Every doctor or dentist would say they would like more referrals. In reality, many healthcare professionals miss the opportunity to care for critical patient care because their staff was tracking them on paper or in Excel and about 60-70% of the referrals were not being received and the practice ended up losing money. In order to avoid this issue, an electronic referral program would help you keep track of each referral better so you are not losing any potential patients and your patients are getting the care they need.

If you would like your healthcare practice to succeed online, using these few tips are a great start, or contacting an Internet marketing specialist at Windy City Strategies. We will work with you and your practice to ensure you have a successful online practice.

How To Generate New Patients To Your Dental Website

Marketing your dental practice can be a long and time consuming process, but the results that show you, your practice is successful, is worth all of the hard work. But knowing the techniques in order to get your business to that place is what you are missing. Windy City Strategies has professional Internet marketing specialists to bring your dental practice to the next level and use these strategies to get you the clientele you are looking for.

Conversions: It is important that you are tracking the conversions that are being made on your website and what you do with that information. In order to increase conversions, posting more on social media and featuring different specials your dental practice may be offering at that time are good ways for conversions.

Keyword Optimization: Using SEO techniques on your website such as keyword optimization will increase your chances of new viewers visiting your website.  Once you know what are the most popular keywords, or keywords that people are using to search dental practices, you start to integrate those keywords into your content. The search engine will starts to recognize these keywords and it will increase your rankings on Google which will increase your chances of being found easier.

Content: Make sure that the content on your website is original and not being found or duplicated from any other website. In order to be found within the search engines, the content displayed on your website MUST be unique and quality written content. As mentioned before, the keywords you are being searched for must be written in the content as well to increase your chances of being found.

Our Internet marketing specialists will work with your dental practice by using the above techniques and plenty of others that will improve the number of patients visiting your website. If you need help attracting new patients to your practice, speak with a representative at Windy City Strategies.

Callout Extension For Google AdWords

Google recently announced that it is rolling out a new call out extension which allow businesses to add text highlighting specific info about their products and services. This is a great advantage for medical and dental practices because it will allow them to highlight industry specific features that will appeal to clients.

A unique way that medical practices can use call out extensions is in conjunction with out extensions. For example, if you have site links for different procedures such as Botox, or teeth whitening, you could add a call out for 20% savings on these types of procedures which would encourage people to click-through and find out more information.

Call outs can be added at the campaign or ad-group level, so they will easily customizable to fit your needs. This extension will be available within a few weeks, so be on the lookout for the change in your AdWords account or contact Windy City Strategies for information on how to optimize your campaign to increase your online exposure.

Medical Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a great tool for keeping patients updated on the latest information about your practice. Through email marketing you can feature latest news, new procedures, medical advancements, specials, awards, recognition’s and more. Below are a few tips you can use for your next email blast.

1. Your Message Should Be Short– Readers a drawn to pictures, not a lot of text. Your email campaign should highlight some great photos, along with supporting text that is short, brief and to the point. This will capture the reader’s attention and increase your chances of having your patients read further, rather than deleting the email.

2. Links To Your Website– The purpose of sending an email blast is to get your patients to go to your medical website. Include links in your text, or make your beautiful graphics click-able. Even adding call-to-action buttons work well to increase click-through-rates.

3.  Viewable On All Devices– Nothing is more frustrating than trying to read an email or a newsletter that can’t be easily viewed on your computer, phone or tablet. Send your self a test email and then try to view it on other devices to make sure your patients can read it.

For more information about medical email marketing such as starting an email campaigns or optimizing your campaign, contact Windy City Strategies today.

Tips For Growing Your Dental or Healthcare Practice

Growing your practice can take a lot of work, but is essential in order to be successful. Your practice should make an impact and stand out amongst the thousands of other dental or healthcare practices in the area. Windy City Strategies has some unique way your practice can grow and become the leading healthcare practice in your area.

1. Web Presence Having a website in our technology driven world is essential. Clients are looking for information fast, and if you don’t have a website you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities and potential clients.

2. Map Listings- Being listed on Google or Bing maps can help give you practice a local presence. Clients who are on their cell phones will be able to easily find your address, hours and directions.

3. Referrals Creating a referral program for your current clients to bring in new clients will benefit everyone involved. Offer them money off their next service, or a free service, if you are able to. Give your patience a sense of value to your practice.

4. Personalized Touches- Give every client outstanding customer service. Let them know that you value them as a patient and appreciate them coming to your for their dental or medical care.

5. Blogging- Adding a blog to your website can help to inform current patients and potential patients about your practice and the services you offer. This information can be as informative as you want, or it can feature a new product, a community event your involved in or a special your offering to patients.

By using these tips and other marketing avenues such as search engine optimization, your dental or medical practice can be highly successful and be the practice everyone is talking about. For more information about the service Windy City Strategies offers, contact us today.