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Increase The Mobile Traffic To Your Medical Practice Website

Creating a website for your medical practice is the best thing to do to help increase the number of patients, and help market your practice to potential new clients. Now that you have a website for your practice, it is time to expand your marketing to mobile and tablet users to accommodate their needs. A recent study shows that mobile traffic for medical websites has increased about 10-15% in just one year and the results expect to continue this way.

Making sure that you have a responsive website is the first step to increase the amount of mobile users that visit your website. Speak with a representative from Windy City Strategies to make sure your medical practice has the correct format and is functioning properly on any mobile device or tablet. The practices that have seen the highest percentage increase in mobile traffic is Pediatrics with a 32% increase followed by Ophthalmologists with a 25% increase and not far behind that is OBGYN with 24%. These numbers are continuing to grow so here are some ways to help increase that number even more.

Keyword Research:

Know your patients and the popular keywords that they are using to find your practice and others like it. Once you know what words they are using to search your practice it is important to emphasize those words within the content of your website so they find you instead of your competitors.


SEO both internal and external can increase the number of people visiting your website and can even produce a number of conversions. If your website has a blog it is important that you post blogs a couple times a week using keywords that you know your visitors are using to search you.  Using these keywords within your text will also increase your chances of being found within the search engines.

Windy City Strategies is a medical Internet marketing company that offers a variety of pay per click and search engine optimization services to all medical and dental practices. We are a reliable company that delivers quality results through our Internet marketing and website design services. To get your practice found on all the major search engines contact Windy City Strategies to get started today.

Basic Tips for Medical Web Design

  1. Make sure your medical website design looks professional and is visually pleasing to your visitors.  Use neat layouts, uniformed navigation and keep your text in colors and sizes that are easy to read and in a web friendly font.

  2. Make sure the website displays and behaves properly on all major web browsers in various versions:  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

  3. Be sure to optimize each page with include page titles and headings, use bullet points and shorter sentences when possible and include relevant keywords on all pages.

  4. Do not auto-play music or videos.  Users overwhelmingly prefer to start these actions on their own.  If they are forced on them, more often than not, they will leave your site.

  5. Be sure content for your medical website is relevant to what you do and include lay-friendly patient education on your services and treatments.  Double and triple check spelling and grammar.

  6. Be sure that the contact phone number is in the header of all pages on the website.  If you have multiple practice locations, each with a different phone number, have a clear ‘Contact Us’ section that is accessible from any page.  Have a clear call to action for Appointment Requests on your pages.

  7. Don’t overload the pages with heavy graphics and videos.  They may cause some user’s browsers to operate slowly or crash.

  8. Always remember the obvious.  Include office hours, information on after hours contact, and insurance information.  If your website features downloadable forms, make sure that they can be opened from any platform.

  9. Where possible, offer online appointment requests.  This insures that you capture those that visit your site during your off hours, at nights and on weekends.  If you are closed they can’t call, but if there is a form to complete, they will use it.

  10. Be sure that all hyperlinks (both internal and external) are clearly visible and that they function correctly.

  11. Add a mobile version of your medical website.  The latest statistics tell us that 1/3 of internet traffic is now done on a mobile device.  It is important to offer those visitors a version of your site that works within the phone, fits the phone screen and allows for easy tapping of phone numbers and maps.  Also be sure you use code that detects when a visitor is coming to your site from a phone and automatically directs them to that version.

  12. Contact Windy City Strategies today to get started on building or improving the website that belongs to your medical practice.

How Does PPC Help Physicians and Medical Practices?

PPC helps physicians attract potential patients to their site, as long as the campaign is managed properly.  In order to manage a PPC campaign successfully, it must be closely monitored to ensure proper bidding for keywords and ad copy.  Understanding when something works and when it does not, and making adjustments as necessary, is an imperative part of ensuring your PPC campaign is a smart marketing investment.  The goal of a successful PPC or AdWords campaign is to create the greatest impact for the lowest financial investment.  If you are paying a lot for your PPC efforts and seeing few results, it is time for a change.

Using Google AdWords and building a successful PPC campaign can help you generate new referrals and grow your practice.  It is a proven and effective method for helping physicians and making the most of their internet marketing dollars.

AdWords can be very competitive so it’s important to choose a company that understands your medical practice and the PPC landscape.  The professionals at Windy City Strategies are ready to help any physicians and other businesses in the medical field.  Contact us today!

Close Variant Matching for Exact and Phrase Match Keywords

Since being first introduced in 2012, close variant keyword matching has been a success, and starting in September, all exact and phrase match keywords will be applied to the close variant keyword matching.  Before, like all betas for Google, you could opt out.

So what does this mean?

Let’s just agree that people are not perfect spellers, or just type so fast that they miss or add letters that just don’t belong.  That is what close variant matching helps us with.  It picks up these misspellings and shows your ad still, even if it is not in your account.  In fact, Google estimates that 7% of searches contain a misspelling, and the longer the query the worse it gets, but as a business, would you not want to connect to these customers that are looking for your business, product or service?

Let’s look at an example; [kids bike].  For examples sake, let’s just assume that this is the only keyword in this ad group.  With close variant matching, you can now show for kid’s bike, kid bike, kids bikes, kid bikes, child bike, etc.  Now, some people don’t like change so they will complain, because they say that they are losing control of their account but that is not true.  Close variant matching does not mean that you will start showing for transportation, scooters, tires, handle bars, etc.  That is what your broad match term should do.  Again, you must look at the search queries that are coming up and negative keywords that with one letter may mean an entirely different thing.  If you know that is already happening, then add the negatives now.

This should actually be a relief to advertisers as they don’t have to build huge exhaustive lists o misspelled, abbreviated or other close variants to get the coverage you want.  Just allow the system to do what it needs and you double check it and add the negatives that are needed. If you do find keywords that work, add them as phrase and exact and control those better.

Windy City Strategies specializes in medical website design and dental Internet marketing solutions. With over 10 years of experience, our staff of expert web designers and Internet marketers have been leading the way with advanced solutions for dental companies by delivering customized strategies with you and your patient in mind.

By Bjorn Torling