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Pay Per Click Is Not Just A ‘One Time Thing’

Pay per click marketing (PPC) has become one of the most popular forms of online marketing over the past year. With these paid keyword search campaigns, when a user clicks on your business’ ad and is directed to the business’ website, the advertiser will pay a fee each time the ad is clicked. With PPC, it is imperative that you have the right keywords; otherwise your campaign will be less effective and will result in a loss of potential traffic to your site. For this reason, this is why PPC is not something that can be done once. It will take time, thought, and effort in order to ensure the most success.

Here is how you can help drive more traffic to your site with your PPC marketing campaign:

  • Change and improve your campaign ads
  • Expand your keyword lists
  • Organize your keywords and ad groups
  • Analyze the data, improving your actions based on these results
  • Filter unwanted keywords, create a negative keywords list to refrain from using these again
  • Continually monitor your campaign’s progress

Since PPO and SEO require continuous updating, it is important to understand the importance of staying on top of managing your PPC campaign, as well as staying ahead of your competition. In order to do so, it may be essential to hire a PPC and Internet marketing firm, like Windy City Strategies, that can manage your AdWords account for you, freeing you of the stressful task.

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By Stephanie Brown

AdWords Updates Conversion Tracking: Adds ‘Flexible Conversion Counting’

Google announced a new feature that they added to their AdWords campaigns called flexible conversion counting. This new feature will allow for advertisers to count the conversions that really matter to their business.

What Is Google AdWords?

Adwords is an advertising system in which the advertisers can bid on keywords, which will allow for their clickable ad to appear in Google’s search results. AdWords campaigns can be effective for businesses big or small, but does depend on using quality ads and bidding on the right keywords.

How Will Flexible Conversion Counting Help Your AdWords Campaign?

This feature will act as a measurement tool to better understand the value of each click that turns into results. In addition, flexible conversion counting will replace the current one-per-click column, as well as the many-per-click column, with a converted clicks column and a conversions column, enabling the advertiser to separate sales and leads and allowing them to understand the total number of conversions as well.

Google had recently introduced a line of conversion tracking features to AdWords, such as its cross-device conversions and its cross-account conversion tracking.

“We’ve been working hard on building products and features that help you better understand the value you’re getting from AdWords,” according to product manager Vishal Goenka. “With estimated cross-device conversions and cross-account conversion tracking, you’re able to more accurately measure conversions in AdWords and better understand the complex path to purchase.”

Google AdWords campaigns may not be for every business, but it is important to consult with a professional Internet marketing firm who has the knowledge and expertise to correctly and effectively do so. Contact Windy City Strategies, Chicagoland’s leader in Internet marketing and web design services.

By Stephanie Brown