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Search Engine Optimization and Domain Names

There is a common belief among inexperienced users that acquiring a specific, more relevant, domain name will somehow increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and magically solve all the problems of the current web page. This is an extremely poor argument. In fact, a domain can carry messy SEO baggage from a previous incantation. The perfect domain name for your company’s website may have been used multiple times before. Not knowing how to find and deal with crucial information  like this could potentially hurt your business if you do not know exactly what to look for and how to set a domain name up. Ultimately, not hiring a professional to help you with your domain name will hurt the SEO value of the website and your business. A new domain name will not benefit from the established domain authority of your existing domain.

When choosing a domain name without having previous knowledge on the subject, you are taking a shot in the dark. Without professional help, there’s no possible way to know what domain names have and have not been used. Some domain names may have better internet SEO value.

No matter what Your domain name is, it is important to know how to increase your SEO. There are man more ways to do this then just having a good domain name. Check out what strategies you can use and who can help you at Windy City Strategies.

For more information and help on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), contact Windy City Strategies. We are willing and waiting to help you with your all of your internet marketing needs.

Connecting Business to the Consumer Via Internet

Creating a personal relationship and keeping costumers updated on current events, products, and promotions is a very important part of running any business.  Thankfully, with the proper use of social media and internet marketing, all this and more is possible.

Building public relationships

The Internet provides an important platform for building and stabilizing relationships with customers. When a customer has purchased a service or product from a business online, from that purchase a business can ensure a relationship with the customer by sending a follow-up email to confirm the transaction, thank the customer, and inform the customer of other goods they may be interested in purchasing that the business can provide.  This allows a business to take in extra revenue and build that oh so important relationship with the consumers.  Blog creation can ensure that you will always be available to satisfy any customer’s needs and offer more of a business’s services or products to its devoted customers.

The Social Media advantage

Marketing on the internet allows your business to take advantage of the growing importance of social media.  According to an article on the Harvard Business School Executive Education website, a group of consumers that responded most strongly to the influence of social networks generated increased sales of around 5 percent.  Businesses should take advantage of this type influence on consumers by incorporating social networking tools in your Internet marketing campaigns.  When companies issue press releases  they increase their chances of being more well known to the public.  Higher publicity means more business.

Windy City Strategies is a professional and personal company that can provide your business with all of the necessary internet marketing strategies that will allow your company to build personal relationships with the public and stay in touch through social media.

Benefits to Internet Marketing


The Big Picture

Internet marketing is a crucial key to any successful business.  Studies by analysts such as Gartner indicate that increasing numbers of consumers use social media and research on mobile Internet to carry out preliminary product and price research before making final decisions.  When all is said and done, internet marketing is becoming a necessary part of every modern business.

Convenience your clients

Internet marketing enables you to be open for business at all times of the day (and night) without the need to always have an employee ready to take a call.  This makes the burden of paying staff overtime a thing of the past.  The option to book services or buy products online is become more popular and most convenient for the customer.  Offering your product online allows consumers to browse your online store at any time and place orders when it is convenient for them.  More convenience equals more business.

Reach out

By selling your products online, you are offering your products to possible customers around the country without setting up local outlets or local distributors.  However, if you want to sell internationally, you should use localization services to ensure that your products are noticeable in other local markets and include proper content writing for the area you wish to sell your product in.

Personalize for your customers

Internet marketing allows you to personalize offers for your customers by getting to know them better.  You can do this by using proper content writing that catches the eye of your important customers.  Personalizing how the information on your website is worded and formatted will allow the viewer to find the important information they wish to find while learning about your other services and products, ultimately getting the most of your company that they possible can.

Because internet marketing is now so necessary to a successful business, it is important to use a reliable company to help your company grow in all their internet marketing needs.  Windy City Strategies will work with you to increase your sales on the internet and make your marketing soar!

How To Maintain Your Company’s Online Reputation

If you own a business and are advertising it online, there are important details to keep in mind to ensure your company’s reputation. Monitoring your website often and improving your online status could be the deciding factor for a potential customer between you and another competitor. To make sure that people are seeing your business as a positive one, there are some things you can do using the following tips and by asking these questions.

1.   Want to know what others are saying about your business? Search for your company’s name using Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find your results. See if others are comparing you to your competitors and what they say about the difference between the two. Knowing this information can help you improve your business based on what customers are saying about the service or product. It is also a good idea to look up your competition. Learn about your competitor to gain a competitive edge over them.

2.   Your company website is a strong representative for how online users interpret your reputation. The logo should be bold and different, making others notice and remember it after they have left the site. Make sure the customer can tell what product or service you offer without them having to look too hard for it.

3.   If you would like to know what people think of your company there is one way to fix this. Create different social media accounts for your business and let the public voice their opinions. Having a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn will allow you to see what your customers think. It’s a good way to market and it allows others to learn more about what you do. Create a Google Alert and you will get an email every time someone mentions you or comments on your social media feed.

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Another Google Link Hiccup

Over the past few weeks there has been talk about Google approving real natural links thinking they were unnatural or example links. A man claims that it happened to him about a month ago and Google neither denied nor admitted the mistake that had been made.

The following was the response that was sent from a Google Representative:

“Thanks for your feedback on the example links sent to you in your reconsideration request. We’ll use your comments to improve the messaging and example links that we send. If you believe that your site no longer violates Google Webmaster Guidelines, you can file a new reconsideration request, and we’ll re-evaluate your site for reconsideration.”

Many think that this is a notification not admitting they were at fault, but to assure that they will try and avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

The fact that these mistakes have happened so closely together worries people. Although Google is allowed to make mistakes, it makes you wonder how often it is really happening.  Before submitting a reconsideration request it is a good idea to go through the rest of your website and make sure there is nothing else that could be causing this warning message. It also ensures that you’re a bit more resolved.

To learn more about the links that you are submitting or how to increase your search engine optimization visit Windy City Strategies.

Better Luck With Paid Search Rather Than SEO?

Debating on whether to implement SEO on your website or pay per click as a form of internet marketing has just gotten easier according to new statistics.  Seeing your content show up in googles natural listings is a hard task to accomplish. More and more businesses are favoring paid listings than the alternative.

A new Paid & Organic report in AdWords has been created by Google to help companies get more for their money when it comes to paid ads. The purpose of this Paid & Organic report allows you to see the difference between paid advertising, natural listings or both. According to a digital marketing firm, IMPAQT, and Google, who were involved in the testing, “The paid & organic report has been incredibly useful in understanding the interaction between paid and organic search, and the overall synergy when they are working together.”

When comparing paid searches to organic searches, paid search came out on top for pages per visit, percent conversion and average order size. Based on the findings of this study, it is clear that paid businesses are getting more out of the paid searches.

One reason why organic searches are more difficult to achieve is because Google offers more of a variety of results which creates less natural listings. Businesses are also not as likely to link out or allow other links to come towards them. Many are finding out that relying only on traditional listings is not a realistic goal and can have a negative effect depending on the circumstances.

Learn more about what search engine optimization techniques are best for you or what pay per click strategy works for you and your website, visit Windy City Strategies.

Mobile Marketing for E-Commerce

If you’ve been denying the apparent trend, MarketLive has just released their stats on mobile vs. desktop traffic with a focus on e-commerce sites. Over the course of the first six months of 2013, the e-commerce platform’s study proved the trend that top SEO teams foresaw. Windy City Strategies shares the findings and explains why they matters.

1. Organic vs. Paid

Most consumers can agree; aggressive sales people are annoying. That’s why some SEO professionals prefer to build up natural listings rather than buying paid ads. Now, we are not suggesting you ditch your organic search efforts. Find the right balance for your business; organic and paid search should coincide. Additionally, while paid went up 30%, organic only went down 3%. Your campaigns are not each other’s competitors.

2. Mobile vs. Desktop

During the first half of the year, one third of website traffic came from mobile and tablet devices. Within the next year mobile traffic is expected to make up nearly half of all website visits. More than half of e-commerce sites have prepared for the change by optimizing their website for mobile. More people are using the add-to-cart feature, and the smartphone conversion rate improved by 24% too. Optimizing websites to a mobile websites isn’t something strictly for e-commerce. All business’s should at least consider the benefits.

Based on these differences, our team suggests modifying your online presence now. With the separation of mobile and desktop on Google Enhanced campaigns, evaluate each of your business’s rankings separately. With that in mind, don’t treat the campaigns the same. Make specific ads for desktop and mobile, and their independent performances.

For help gearing your Internet marketing campaign to the future, contact Windy City Strategies today.

Social Media Management

With so many social media platforms sometimes, it’s hard to stay on top of them all. Managing social media is tough, and more than ever businesses are hiring social media managers. If your business is considering hiring a social media manager, Windy City Strategies suggests ways to scout out social media experts. The following skills are crucial to an effective media manager.

1. Strong Semantic Skills: Writing is a major element to social media. Communication is key when you’re trying to get your business’s message across with quality content. Whoever you hire, their language skills should be at a professional level. Having the understanding to use the correct tone and vocabulary for your audience and writing for a niche while still having range is important. It makes your business approachable and gives your viewers an understanding.

2. Customer Service Experience: Having the skill to write clearly and concisely a necessity, but you don’t want a slew of hot headed replies on your social media sites to tarnish your image. Words are powerful, so your social media manager should understand how to handle complaints.

3. Their Social Media Networks: Understanding and knowledge comes best with experience, so ask for their social media links. If  they’re active on social media already, then they should already know how to use the platforms. Using it for a different purpose will be easy, and they’ll require less training time. You can also see if their social media practices align with your plan.

4. Familiarity with Internet Marketing: Your social media manager should understand how they fit into your business’s presence online. Your business’s branding across all sites are key to Internet marketing campaigns. Letting your manager know how his or her posts fit into your business’s image gives a clear sense of what’s being done.

5. Commitment: Social media takes a lot of time; you probably already know if you’re searching for a manager. Whoever you hire, however, should also know what’s expected of them. How often do you want to them tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, write a blog? What about retweeting, live posting, responding to mentions, commenting back? Getting all of this completed can take time, so hiring part time or on commission can be difficult.

To improve your business’s online presence overall, contact Windy City Strategies today.

Working Well Your SEO Agency

Finding a SEO agency that works well with your business is difficult. Not too long ago, Windy City Strategies outlined how to choose the best SEO agency for your business. Managing the relationship after signing the contract is another challenge. We compiled a list of characteristics of our most successful Internet marketing projects.

1. Communication: Keep communication open between your search engine optimization (SEO) agency and your business. Find a convenient time to discuss successes on a regular basis. Send them content, pictures, any information updates in a timely manner. If you keep in communication in the right amounts, naturally, your SEO agent will feel more involved with your business. With more attention to it, your business is more likely to succeed online.

2. Strategizing: Having a clear strategy is the best way to ensure understanding between you and your SEO agency. Having clear expectations of your SEO campaign will help your SEO agency achieve success online. With your transparent actions on both ends, failures and successes will have concrete reasons behind them. You won’t be left guessing what works and what doesn’t.

3. Setting Goals: Setting goals early helps your SEO agency determine a realistic time frame to achieve you goals. This also provides focus to your campaign. Your business and your SEO agency’s efforts won’t seem reasonless when you have a set direction.

4. Providing Feedback: When seeing changes in your Internet marketing campaign, ask their reasoning. Search engines change constantly, and a good SEO agency revises fast to keep your business afloat. Understand why things are done and don’t assume havoc. Remember praises too. Evaluation helps determine what to continue and what to stop.

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