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Google Officially Launches Enhanced Campaigns

Today Google AdWords’ platform has changed from Legacy campaigns to their new Enhanced platform. Since Google anticipates mobile usage to surpass desktop by the end of this year, Google’s new Enhanced campaign gears Internet marketers to mobile marketing. As a certified Google AdWords partner, Windy City Strategies has experienced the Enhanced platform before its official launch. With our team’s previous experience, we’ve compiled three must know features of the new Enhanced campaigns.

1. Mobile Marketing

With Google’s Enhanced campaigns, a mobile marketing campaign is built in. Since desktop and mobile are now separated, your website must be available as desktop and mobile versions. This can be accomplished through responsive website designs. Don’t feel pressured to go mobile, though, if your business isn’t suited for mobile. Just be mindful that mobile marketing is separate from traditional desktop and your mobile marketing exists whether you utilize it or not.

2. Mobile Cost-Per-Clicks to Rise

By basic supply and demand, the more people on mobile pay-per-click campaigns and the more people bidding on mobile CPCs, the more CPC prices rise. Your mobile pay-per-click campaign‘s budget must meet the needs of mobile demands. However, remember that you have control over your mobile campaign’s budget. Since only the first two mobile searches usually appear on mobile devices, mobile campaigns are highly competitive.

3. Enhanced Analytics

By using geographical capabilities of mobile devices, expanding into different areas or locations will be easier for businesses. With the enhanced program marketers can target specific areas in one campaign as opposed to having separate campaigns for every area. With increased social annotations, too, marketers can see what’s successful in the campaign overall.

Google’s Enhanced AdWords is here today. Get your AdWords campaign up to date with our team at Windy City Strategies.

Quality Content Requires Collaboration

Within the past year, original content has become more important due to Google’s changing search algorithms. However, search engine marketers do not categorize content writing under SEO. Since search engines are looking for original, quality content more than ever, now is the time for search marketers and content writers work together to produce the best content possible.

Windy City Strategies aims to work closely with your business to create quality content for your website. Whether your business writes content in-house, or we write your website’s content for you, we make sure it meets SEO standards and holds accuracy. Together, we’ll create content that conveys your business’s purpose and branding by using the appropriate tone and including keywords. Increased collaboration between the content writing and SEO teams should result in higher visibility on search engines and improve a content’s caliber.

Windy City Strategies is committed to working closely with your business to write content that encompasses your business’s message accurately while catching search engines’ attention. To learn more about our SEO campaigns and content writing, contact us today.

Alluring Landing Pages

With the increased importance of Internet marketing, businesses realize the importance of a website. Nowadays business deals begin on your website’s landing page. Within a few seconds, clients decide whether they should ditch your homepage or stay and learn more. Windy City Strategies highlights three winning landing page formulas that encourage clients to stay.

1. Person-Problem-Solution

This format is the trifecta to landing page titles. It speaks to your target audience, it identifies the problem, and it provides a solution. It’s a classic approach, so some visitors could be skeptical. To counter this, however, accompany this tag line with extensive details of your business and a general plan. Tell your audience how you’ll achieve something and show them how you’ll benefit their business.

2. Questioning

Posing questions is another great way to position your product or service. Questioning can expose a problem that some consumers were unaware of. Asking questions, like “When will you dominate search engine results?” or “Is your website being found?”, makes people evaluate their current situation. This evaluation sparks a pursuit for improvement and puts your business in their minds to solve the problem.

3. Pricing

Some of your websites visitors are simply price shopping and won’t spend time clicking through all your website’s pages just to find an answer. This straightforward approach might turn off some visitors, but customers that know what they want will appreciate it greatly. Having a set price gives consumers a guarantee that inclines them to buy and comforts them with is price. Accompany this guarantee with proof though; provide a video demonstration, testimonials, related articles, or endorsements to show your business’s merit.

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