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Google Page Rank and Internet Marketing Consulting

When Windy City Strategies is doing internet marketing consulting, clients ask what the Google page rank is and what it means to them. Well, Google page rank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to a set of hyper-linked set of documents, and from there it measures its importance within the set. In simple terms, how important is your page based on incoming links, and each of those links are weighted too. A page that is linked to by many high page ranked pages themselves will get a high page rank too. If you have no links coming in, you do not have any support for that page, so you will get a low page rank.

Now Google page rank is a score between 1-10 with 10 being the best, and this is based on how important Google views your site. The links incoming to the site along with the quality of those links is a major part of the page rank, but not all of it. They also look at relevance of search words on the page along with actual visits. Now all of this is just speculation as Google provides no specific information on how other factors influence the page rank.

The keys to remember is that you have some control with your page rank and your internet consultant can show you how by creating new pages and keeping your site fresh by adding new content from time to time, but as far as score, don’t go crazy trying to get that high as fast as possible. That most likely will get you in trouble. Google wants growth with your website instead of making it stagnant through the years. It makes complete sense, and I think Google does a great job with it.

Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your Google Adwords marketing with our industry leading internet marketing consulting and pay per click management.

Newspapers Folding And Internet Marketing

Internet marketing keeps growing while newspapers keep folding. This is not a good trend for print marketing, but we have known for a couple years now that website marketing is rapidly taking the place of print media in terms of advertising. Since January of this year 120 newspapers have shut down, and more are in the midst of being sold or in bankruptcy protection. The recession has a major role in this crisis with big advertisers in the auto industry, real estate, and local business not being able to advertise in the newspaper like they did before. Also the classifieds are taking a big hit with Craigslist and, which in turn has really cut into the profits of newspapers.

Well what does this mean for all of us? Well most likely there no longer will be any two newspaper towns, and even then, they will have to create an online paper, and get advertising from there. Newspapers in general are way behind with social media tools and online publishing tools, which means they have lost young readers. News is still in high demand, but you can get a lot of it by paying nothing and just going to the web or cell phone. All this is putting newspapers in such a hole that they may never get out of it, but if they are, they need to move fast, and create a better website marketing strategy.

Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your online marketing strategy with our top of the line internet consulting, pay per click management, and search engine optimization.

Internet Marketing and Google Trademarks

Almost every client that we come across here at Windy City Strategies has had concerns about doing internet marketing and how to protect trademarked terms on Google. Just so we are all the same page, a trademark is a logo, phrase, word or symbol that distinguishes a service or product from others in a marketplace. Now Google does not want to arbitrate trademark disputes between trademark owners and the person advertising on the trademark terms. The Google trademark team would rather have the trademark owner settle the dispute by contacting the advertiser in violation, because the advertiser is responsible for the keywords and ad they create. This sometimes does not work, so Google will investigate some complaints that are reasonable, but this only applies to Google Adwords marketing on the sponsored links and not the natural listings. If you have a concern about someone using a website, you must contact the advertiser directly to get this resolved. Google will not get involved.

To get your complaint heard by Google, you have to fill out a Google Trademark Complaint, and provide them certain information about the trademark. Once the complaint is reviewed and you win, no advertiser can use your trademark in their ad text. They can use the trademarked term as a keyword, because of freedom of speech, but because of the quality score formula, it will be tough for an advertiser to continue to use the keyword, because a low click through rate is inevitable. Now you the trademark owner is in charge, and you can allow advertisers to use your trademark if you allow them. This is also in the complaint form to allow certain customer id’s the permission to use your trademark. I hope this helps answer some questions about Google trademarks.

Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your Google Adwords marketing with our top of the line internet consulting and pay per click management.

Internet Marketing Consulting Google’s Editorial Policies

When Windy City Strategies is doing internet marketing consulting on ads, we always go over the Google Adwords editorial policies, because it helps the client understand what cannot be done. Some of them are self explanatory, but there are others that clients want to use in their ad. Let’s take a look at a few of Google’s Editorial policies.

1. Spacing – Correct spacing is important. BuyNow or Buy.Now are not correct and your ad will be disapproved.

2. Punctuations and Symbols – Punctuation cannot be repeated 2 times in a row to attract a users attention. No exclamation point can be used in the title, and only one can be used in the description. Also numbers and letters cannot be used in place of words like 4U.

3. Capitalization- Capital letters can be used for the first letter of each word, but all the letters of a word cannot be capitalized to draw attention to it.

4. Repetition – Repeated words are not to be used in your Google AdWords marketing, like Deals, Deals, Deals for a promotion. There are different ways to write this instead to get past the editorial review.

5. Unacceptable Phrases – Call to action words are great, and should be used, but if they don’t describe your product or service you cannot use them. An example is Click Here Now.

6. Superlative Claims – This is something all customers want to strive to and say, which is why Google has decided to not allow subjective phrases like “best” or “#1,” unless verified by a 3rd party and shown prominently on your website.

Hopefully you found some of these tips useful.

Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your Google Adwords marketing with our top of the line internet marketing consulting and pay per click management.

Internet Marketing and Google Adwords Ads

A huge part of internet marketing is the ad that you place in front of potential customers looking for your product or service. If the ad is not enticing enough or not giving the user the information they want, they will skip your ad and go to another. I do not think this is something that you want, and knowing the format of a Google Adwords ad will help you. Text ads contain 4 lines; headline, description, display URL, and destination URL. Now let’s talk about each.

1. Headline – The headline can contain up to 25 characters and this includes spaces. The headline attracts potential customers to your product or service. Having the keyword that the searcher used is optimal, because it will get bolded, and increase click through rates.

2. Description – The description contains 2 lines of 35 characters, and this also includes spaces. These 2 lines will contain your product, service, information, promotion, or a special. Make your description clear enough to communicate what your are selling or informing them of, but enticing so that the user wants to click your ad. This can be difficult at times, which is why a/b testing is needed.

3. Display URL – The display URL can contain up to 35 characters with spaces. This shows the website that the user will go to if they click your ad.

4. Destination URL – The destination URL can contain up to 1024 characters. This is where the user will land on the website if the ad was clicked. This URL can be different than the display URL, but must be a page withing the same website. You want the user to land within 2 pages of the keyword they searched or you may lose them, because they can’t find the product or service.

Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your Google Adwords marketing with our top of the line internet consulting and pay per click management.

Google Adwords Marketing Destination URL Policy

When creating your Google Adwords marketing account you need to have a destination URL to run an ad, but do you know the policies set forth by Google Adwords? The rules are fairly self explanatory, but here at Windy City Strategies we see accounts from time to time manipulating the rules. First off the destination URL is the web address that an ad will link to, which is called a landing page. These guidelines set forth by Google Adwords are made so that users find what they are looking for quickly and easily. All destination URL’s have to meet these 3 rules to be approved, otherwise they will be disapproved.

1. It must link to a webpage that works. You do not want someone to click on your ad, get charged, and getting nothing out of your pay per click management campaign. This seems simple enough, but clients forget that creating a new website or updating the site can change the URL’s, and this can go undetected for quite a while, and that is frustrating for the client and pay per click manager.

2. The landing page must not be under construction. Well at least the page works, but there is no content to get the potential customer to bite. This again will cost you money with nothing to show.

3. The webpage must not require a program other than the browser to see it. The destination URL must be in HTML. Do not create landing pages that are in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat. If the page needs to have another program to get more information, you need to remember that not all users will be able to view the site, and that definitely will detract from the user experience.

Windy City strategies account managers have been in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your Google Adwords marketing with our top of the line internet consulting and pay per click management.

Internet Consulting and Invalid Clicks

When Windy City Strategies is doing internet consulting for a client, the topic of invalid clicks seems to come up quite often. Rest assured, all the search engines have measures in place, but today I will discuss Google’s policy, since they get around 70% of the search engine traffic.

Invalid clicks are clicks that are completed by methods that Google prohibits. Some methods are manual repeated clicking, and repeated automated clicking by use of robots, software or clicking tools. These clicks are intended to drive up the costs to someones Google Adwords marketing. Now Google closely monitors these scenarios among others to protect advertisers from receiving these invalid clicks.

Here are 3 powerful tools that Google also uses to stop invalid clicks:

Detection and filtering techniques – Each click on Adwords is analyzed by the system, and they grab information like IP address, time of click, duplicate clicking, and other measures to isolate and filter out potential invalid clicks.

Advanced monitoring techniques – Google has proprietary technology to analyze clicks and impressions to see if there are patterns that may drive up an advertiser’s clicks. This technology catches most invalid clicks prior to them even reaching your reports, but sometimes a pattern is noticed too late, so credits are issued into the Google Adwords marketing account.

The Google team – This team uses specialized tools and techniques to examine invalid clicks. When the system detects potential invalid clicks, this team will gather information from the affected account to see where the source of invalid clicks is coming.

Windy City strategies account managers have been in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your pay per click management account with our top of the line internet consulting.

Reaching The Right Audience With Pay Per Click Management

Reaching your target audience is the goal of any pay per click management account, and Google announced new plans that will help you achieve this goal easier. By using the Google content network, you can match ads to the topic or theme of a web page, but now Google is also going to match the interests of a user too, so you can reach even more customers. This new interest-based advertising is going to be rolled out fully sometime at the end of 2009, but currently they are offering it in a beta version, and you can participate by filling out this form.

Now what does the interest-based advertising do? You will be able to reach potential customers based on previous interactions to your website by seeing their interests. By analyzing the interests of visitors to your website, you can create campaigns targeted to those interests. Whether it is branding your site or increasing awareness this is going to be a powerful tool to increase the effectiveness of your pay per click management campaign.

Now as a user, internet-based advertising is going to increase the relevancy of your searches, and by visiting Google’s ads preferences manager, you can see what interest-based categories Google has already placed you in, and you can add new interests into your profile, and even delete categories. You can also find the ads preferences manager by clicking on the “ads by Google” links that you will see by searching on the web. For more information on the interest-based advertising program that Google is rolling out, please visit this Google blog.

Pay Per Click Management Setup

Like the drummer is the backbone of a band, the setup of a pay per click management campaign is the backbone to your internet marketing. A setup takes a while to complete if you take into account that each theme, city or product should have its own ad group or campaign depending on traffic or conversions. Many companies out there do not take the time to do a correct setup, and you will notice it in your results. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. At Windy City Strategies, we take the time to create the best account that we possibly can. First we analyze your company’s website and the types of products or services you sell. We research your competitors and the particular industry trends for that market. Then we define your objectives for your pay per click management account, and give realistic expectations. We are the experts in our field, while you are the experts in yours, and combining that knowledge is crucial. After we have spoken to you about your goals, and have consulted you on the strategy to reach those goals, it is time to do the keyword research.

The keyword research is where your goals, competitor research, products or services, and industry trends all come together to create a list of words that will blanket the community to get the most qualified and relevant traffic to your website. As you can see, this is very important. We will create this list of keywords that will be broken up into ad groups for your review along with the corresponding ad and send it to you the customer for review. At Windy City Strategies, we want to keep you involved with this entire process and stay as transparent as we can with internet consulting.

Once the keywords have been approved, we will set the budget for the campaign, and direct where you want these ads to be shown, whether it is towards a local, national, or global audience. At this point the setup is complete, and we are about 2-3 days into it, depending on the size of the account’s services or products being advertised.

Now there are many companies out there that say they do pay per click management, but to what level? Some do not charge any setup, while some charge a set one-time fee, but at Windy City Strategies we customize the setups based on each account’s needs, and we are up front about this the whole time.

Google Adwords Marketing And Display URL’s

When Windy City Strategies does internet consulting with a client, and we are looking over their Google Adwords marketing account we always give advice on little tricks that will get their ad noticed more. The one I would like to discuss today involves the display url.

As you may or may not know, when a search is made, Google will bold the search query in ads which helps with click through rates, and gets the ad noticed. This is something Google does to reward clients that take the time to create quality ads, and it works well. Now here is a trick that most people do not use.

The display url is the url displayed on your ad to identify your site to potential customers, and you have a max 35 character limit. Use it all. You should have ad groups with specific ads per product or service already, so if you sell Nike shoes, make your display url, instead of Your title in your ad and the end of your display url will be bold. That is one extra noticeable part of your ad, and it works great with your Google Adwords marketing, so take advantage of it.