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Finding Your Medical Practice Listings

People do not use phone books much often nowadays they use the internet. People can quickly find everything they need about your business on the computer or mobile device. This is the primary way for people to find businesses today and it is very important that your medical practice is listed on all applicable online sources.

Claiming your listings for your business online verifies that you are the main owner of a valid business and this shows your presence on the internet. Search engines like Google and Yahoo rely on the third party data providers for all business listings. When claiming your business, this is a precaution so no one can misrepresent your business with false information. The following list of search engines are most recommended and popular directories.

  • Google my business- Receives about 6 million searches a day and it is easy, free to register for your business.
  • Yahoo- This is the third most popular search engine and you can list your business on here for free.
  • Bing- Second most search engine used, it too is free, and easy to use. You can add more than one business location at the same time, and able to add all other content to your listings, such as pictures and videos.
  • Angie’s List- This site is a well-respected online directory and is known to provide accurate reliable reviews for users.
  • Manta- Receives 30 million visitors a month and able to increase website traffic with paid business packages and highlight your product/brand on your profile.
  • Yelp- Best options on the internet for users to find reviews about businesses, this is a site your able to communicate to your customers within the account.
  • Foursquare- With this site, you get benefits of a popular directory and social networking, and you are able to add a map so people can check-in when they come to your business.

These are your listings, and your able to monitor every activity and performance, this is a great way for you to keep an eye on which site is viewed more by your users.

Important content to add to your listings would consist of name, address, phone number to reach your business and any other important content that you feel is important to show to your users. For example, provide keywords that described your business and include key services you provide. Complete all fields for your business information such as hours and services offered. Take advantage of photography!

For more information about how to add your medical practice to listings contact Windy City Strategies. 


Patients Demanding To Hear From Their Providers

Patients all over are getting frustrated when their doctor doesn’t answer them. Studies have shown from the Health Data Management, a number of patients are emailing directly to their physicians and those have tripled. Research also shows that 93 percent of respondents would prefer to have email communications with their doctors and only a quarter of them respond.

Their is a new option now for patients and doctors to communicate better with one another. Their is an online portal that provides a easy access for patients. Its another type of communication without giving headaches and having unhappy people. This keeps the patients happy and healthy. Portals have increased the satisfaction, health and has reduced phone tags and emails.

No more having an email, call to get the answers you need, or looking at the frequently asked questions and answer. Practices are now able to send test results to the portal. If patients don’t know how to register educate them and have them take advantage of these new services that are available for them. Practices should explain benefits and provide instructions on how to use it, and it will pay off.

For more information contact Windy City Strategies.


Tips For Medical Practice Employees

Do you want to have a well organized and productive day? Nothing to stressful or too overwhelming? Follow these tips on how to improve your productivity in the medical practice. Follow these tips and things should improve sooner than you know it.

1. Setting M.I.T.s

M.I.T. stands for “Most important tasks” this is to help you focus on your day. Depending on your role in the medical practice, you may have to do billing tasks, follow-ups or even referrals. There can be a number of duties that you are assigned, and it’s always best to write them down so nothing if forgotten.

2. Empty Your Inbox

When you wake up every morning make sure to check your emails. Make sure to answer any emails from clients or mangers. Do this every morning and at least midday and then again at night. Keep your responses short and use powerful words.

3. Clean And De-cluttered

Make sure to keep your desk clear and free of clutter. No more distractions. Having a messy desk in a work are will only cause more stress for yourself.

4. Looking Forward

Be prepare for when a patient arrives. Don’t waste any more time and focus on getting them in right away. Don’t spend so much time setting up or being in the search mode and having them wait.

5. Tackle Project

Pick something for the week that you will “eventually” get done and add it to the pile each week. Another name for this would be mount project.

6. Meetings

Don’t overload yourself meetings, they are important for communication and training and announcements. But avoid overloading them. Say no more than once a week for employees.

7. Being early

Don’t waste anymore time to sit down for work. Aim to get to work at least 10-15 minutes early to get your day rolling. Be organized before it begins and you will have a productivity and successful day.

For more information about how to improve your medical practice contact Windy City Strategies for more details.


Dentist With Ang

Choosing Which Social Network Is Best For Your Dental Practice

A way to promote your dental practice over social media would be to choose the most effective platform that can hold the potential and to achieve maximum mileage. Each dental practice will have to make it’s own choices and marketing social media strategy. Here are a few helpful ideas on a few leading social networks that could be used for your dental practice. 


Facebook has different advantages over the other social networks because almost everybody you know has an active Facebook profile. It allows readers to choose the kind of updates they want and what they want to view most often and share and interact with others. Dental practices have more flexible opportunity to represent itself.


With some dental practices they have short and informative videos to engage potential patients. YouTube is a very powerful network. Google plus can achieve much stronger content that is effective and compelling.


Dental practices that believe in taking images about their practice says more than a words. Pinterest is a place to post images and creativity ideas for a future product or service. The content sharing platforms allows members to “pin” images and videos to their own board, and it’s a wide audience that can open up to the public.


Twitter is another way to text message. You post what your thinking or how you are feeling, or another way to post information about someones business. Facebook users can read what they choose what to look at and respond when they please to.


For more information about how to choose which social media network is best for your dental practice, contact Windy City Strategies.

Increase The Mobile Traffic To Your Medical Practice Website

Creating a website for your medical practice is the best thing to do to help increase the number of patients, and help market your practice to potential new clients. Now that you have a website for your practice, it is time to expand your marketing to mobile and tablet users to accommodate their needs. A recent study shows that mobile traffic for medical websites has increased about 10-15% in just one year and the results expect to continue this way.

Making sure that you have a responsive website is the first step to increase the amount of mobile users that visit your website. Speak with a representative from Windy City Strategies to make sure your medical practice has the correct format and is functioning properly on any mobile device or tablet. The practices that have seen the highest percentage increase in mobile traffic is Pediatrics with a 32% increase followed by Ophthalmologists with a 25% increase and not far behind that is OBGYN with 24%. These numbers are continuing to grow so here are some ways to help increase that number even more.

Keyword Research:

Know your patients and the popular keywords that they are using to find your practice and others like it. Once you know what words they are using to search your practice it is important to emphasize those words within the content of your website so they find you instead of your competitors.


SEO both internal and external can increase the number of people visiting your website and can even produce a number of conversions. If your website has a blog it is important that you post blogs a couple times a week using keywords that you know your visitors are using to search you.  Using these keywords within your text will also increase your chances of being found within the search engines.

Windy City Strategies is a medical Internet marketing company that offers a variety of pay per click and search engine optimization services to all medical and dental practices. We are a reliable company that delivers quality results through our Internet marketing and website design services. To get your practice found on all the major search engines contact Windy City Strategies to get started today.